Our Mission

The mission of Tampa Homeless Outreach is to locate and identify homeless veterans, to aid in them in finding emergency shelter and assist in providing the necessities to improve their quality of life.

Tampa Homeless Outreach offers direction and guidance to these individuals in navigating the resources available with the goal of getting them into permanent and affordable housing.


Thomas TMan Brown

Thomas "T-man" Brown, served in the U.S. Army from April 1979 through May 1990. Achieved the rank of sergeant in 24 months’time in service. Startingout as a Radioteletye Operator (E-1) and ending time in service as a Staff Sergeant (Special Operations, Special Weapons Sergeant and on the E-7 list.Earned a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from USF.Worked as a Mental Health Forensic Specialist, State Corrections Officer,and Homeless Outreach Coordinator.Now, founder and President of Tampa Homeless Outreach.

Get To Know About Tampa Homeless Outreach

What We Do

Homeless Outreach: Tampa Homeless Outreach brings basic survival needs directly to our homeless neighbors, without judgment or expectations.

Our Outreach Services allow us to distribute food, drinking water, clothing, sleeping bags, tents, hygiene supplies, harm reduction supplies, batteries, bus tickets, and special request items while providing information about housing. Most importantly, we also spend time getting to know people and recommending social services as appropriate.

Special Wishes Fulfillment: Tampa Homeless Outreach helps to fill the gaps in providing goods and services not funded by governmental agencies. Quite often these”Special Wishes” are obstacles that our clients must overcome in order to transition from homeless status to self-sufficient or to avoid returning to homeless status.

These “Special Wishes” including things like assisting with car repairs to allow clients to have transportation to/from their jobs, furniture and household basis for those moving from the streets to an apartment, and helping with home upkeep to avoid fines from code enforcement.

Our team

Meet Our Team Members

Joyce Kelly


Randy Lounds

Board Member

Yvonne Brown

Vice President

Gabor Koppany

Board Member


Our Partners

Tampa Homeless Outreach partners with The Fran Haasch Law Group, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s (HCSO) Homeless Initiative Deputies, Tampa Police Departments (TPD) Homeless Initiative Officers, Hillsborough County Housing Authority (HCHA), the Veterans Administration (VA), Publix Supermarkets, Costco, Suncoast Brotherhood, local restaurants, and other local businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals to help provide our clients with the services and

Our Board Members

From day one, the Board of Tampa Homeless Outreach, Inc. has volunteered their time and donated their money to help ensure that our homeless veteran neighbors are not left behind.

Community Partners